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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost me?

Beating the Blues is offered free of charge for adults living in New Zealand.

What if I have limited computer skills?

Beating the Blues has been designed to be easy to use. Only basic computer skills are needed.

What if I don’t have internet access at home?

Your GP will be able to advise you of other places to access the internet e.g., your local library.

Is the programme confidential?

The programme is confidential to everyone but your GP and clinical team. Your GP will receive a progress report with minimal information about each session when you complete it.

What about other people looking at my account?

Access to your Beating the Blues account can only be gained by using your password and only you will have this information. You should keep your password to yourself.

How effective will the programme be?

Results can be quick and the programme can be extremely effective if people work through the sessions and carry out weekly projects in between sessions.

How quickly can I complete the programme?

We recommend that you leave at least a week between sessions. This will give you time to practise the skills you have learnt and to action the goals you have set.

If I am currently taking medication for depression or anxiety can I still use Beating the Blues?

Yes. Beating the Blues can be used with or without medication.

Introductory Video


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Introduction to therapy video

Beating the Blues Introduction Video

Introductory video to Beating the Blues

If you live in NZ, Beating the Blues® is available as part of your treatment through your GP.