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All Facility Services

Our Executives are well versed in various types and areas of work, can assist the customer in planning, organizing strategies that needed to get the project done.

All the queries regarding inquiries of various types of works or projects are also well attended by our customer support.

We are specialized in giving customer services to meet their every requirement.


We provide manpower for various services that you required from time to time. Our workers are very professional and best at what they do.

Additional Support services

We extend our services to man camp construction in the terms of turnkey which is a complete constructed project that can be sold to a buyer. We provide man camp construction and all life support services which are catering, laundry, camp cleaning and other facility management services for the following diligences,

  • Oil drilling corporates and other industrial corporates
  • Iraq Military Forces
  • USA Military Forces
  • Other coalition Forces, new coming corporates to IRAQ.