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Life support services

ASC offers life support services to Oil drilling, corporate and other industrial, corporate, Iraq Military forces, USA Military forces and other coalition forces.


ASC Provides supreme quality of catering service with particular interest of food hygiene.

Our company is certified with global quality certificates of ISO 22000:2005

Our main objective is to provide balanced food per the tradition of customers, to keep their workforce active with high morale.


We are aware that the laundry is also one of the hygienic department that should be taken care of. We use only high quality and approved detergents and liquids which will enhance the life of your cloth and keep it safe clean and blossom.

We assure a better life to the fabrics and bacterial free and drying in the process. We ensure that the fabric durability and qualities are safe while processing. We guarantee that the individual clothes are washed separately.

We wash your clothes and deliver it to you in a proper & well folded away. Just stay calm, we will take care of you.


Special attention is paid in camp cleaning to ensure a bacterial free cleaning by adopting the best methods.

General cleaning standards, wherein clients are healthy and safe.